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Our Technology

Total Redundancy

Comprehensive Monitoring

Security (Physical and Data)

Systems Architecture


Comprehensive monitoring

  • Anytime an unexpected event happens anywhere on our network, our network staff are notified by call pager alert.

  • We have designed custom health checking service software that monitors device availability and directs network traffic to devices that are online. It also monitors the response time of devices so that we can automatically reduce traffic to devices that are responding slowly and direct more traffic at faster devices, all in real time.

  • We also maintain detailed internal infrastructure graphs of all internal systems including disk space, CPU, memory utilization and disk I/O responsiveness.

  • We understand that a failure doesn't necessarily mean a complete device outage, so we monitor in real time the disk read/write operations of all data servers on our network. If a read/write operation takes longer than normal, our network staff are notified and our system will automatically suspend non-critical services/operations to this disk, ensuring minimal disruption to other services.




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