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Our Technology

Total Redundancy

Comprehensive Monitoring

Security (Physical and Data)

Systems Architecture


Systems Architecture

IP Transit Providers

In layman's terms: The carriers we use to provide us with Internet access.

WizMailer connects to multiple IP transit providers to ensure our network is accessible around the world at all times. Shown below is a diagram of our IP Transit providers along with our connection speed to them. WizMailer peers with each provider via BGP4 routing protocol. Because WizMailer peers with 5 different providers the number of network hops is significantly decreased creating greater speed to you.



Server Architecture

Redundancy in our network is critical for e-mail. Without it, emails can bounce and systems can be inaccessible if services are down. The diagram below shows our server architecture. WizMailer standardizes on 1U SuperMicro SuperServers, Intel Processors, Genuine Kingston Memory, and the highest quality hard disks available at time of purchase. WizMailer's data capacity is currently about 47 Terabytes.






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