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Organization and Groupware



Wizmailer CalendarWizMailer's Calendar lets you keep track of your appointments and events when you're on the move. Key features of the calendar are:

  • Drag 'n Drop appointments quickly and easily.

  • Drag to extend or shorten appointments in the daily/weekly view

  • Sync your appointments to your Blackberry or Outlook.

  • See schedules of others in your group.

Our reminder feature lets you add an email address that will be notified whenever an appointment is looming.

And using our sync tool, with one click you can update your calendar in Outlook and online.



Keep track of all your contacts online. Other features include (as featured in the screenshots below) include:

  • Auto-complete from your address book when composing emails.

  • Have multiple contacts folders, so you can organize by category (e.g. Business, Family, Friends, etc.)

  • Contact update campaigns - email all of your contacts and ask them to verify that their contact information is up to date.

  • LDAP support so you can use your contacts from within your email client.

  • Import and Export contacts.

  • Automatically add people you reply to into your address book.

  • Automatically whitelist people you email, so that they are never accidentally marked as spam.

Auto-complete when composing or replying to an email:


Auto-complete when composing or replying to emails


Contact Folders:


Contact Folders


Import/Export Contacts:


Import/Export Contacts



Keep track of your upcoming tasks, along with their priority, percentage completed, due date and details.




Notes & Journal

Keep track of conversations, meeting notes and more with our handy notes feature.





Our syncing software will install into Outlook, Outlook Express or your Blackberry. With just one click, you can sync your:

  • Contacts

  • Calendars

  • Tasks

  • Notes and

  • Journal

... between our server and your client.





Share any of your mail, calendar, tasks, notes or journal folders with anyone within your group!






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