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Other Features


File Storage

Your account comes with a file storage utility that will let you:

  • Connect via FTP to upload or download from your account.

  • Attach files from online storage into an email.

  • Save attachments into file storage so that they can be easily downloaded or attached in to a future email.

Your file storage limit is restricted only by your mailbox's storage space limit.


Instant Messaging

Our webmail client supports online instant messaging. This feature allows you to stay in touch with other members of your organization or any WizMailer member. In addition, WizMailer's instant messaging tool connects to the Jabber network of instant messaging servers allowing you to communicate to anyone using a client on the Jabber network. More information on Jabber can be found at


Easy Administration

All of our accounts come with an easy to use administration account that will let you add, modify or delete existing mailboxes, as well as control certain groupware features, such as global mail rules and whitelists/blacklists.

Because your account comes with shared storage space, you'll be able to allocate a disk space limit to each mailbox, rather than being confined to a limit on each account.



Our larger business and reseller accounts come with an API interface. Our API lets you integrate many of WizMailer's features into your own website. This includes:

  • Creating and managing mailboxes.

  • Settings up aliases, forwarders and domains.

  • Account reporting.

Data Backup

WizMailer knows that your data is important. That's why we keep multiple backups of your account. At present, we keep two main copies of your data:

  • One live copy of your data running on a separate server to your primary. This backup is automatically switched to in the event that there is a problem on your primary server, such as hardware failure.

  • An additional full monthly backup with weekly incrementals. Periodic backups are important because in the event of data loss, it's likely that our secondary live copy with also reflect the loss.

Data Migration

WizMailer can help with your data migration from your existing account. If you are using a standard IMAP or POP3 connection to download your existing mail, then data migration should be easy.

If you have any questions about data migration, please contact us. WizMailer does not charge for bandwidth, so there should be no cost involved in data migration.


24x7x365 Support

No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to receive fast support from our technical team around the clock. Our technicians are online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your account inquiries.




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