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Email Features


Email ClientsUse your existing software

We support both POP and IMAP for incoming email and therefore we support any email client that recognizes these protocols. If you're unfamiliar with what the difference is between POP and IMAP, then please look at the next subsection where we'll explain this. Some of the more popular email clients we support are Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail (Vista), Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage and Eudora.


The difference between POP and IMAP

The difference between POP and IMAP is where your emails and mail folders are stored. With POP3, you essentially download your emails from our servers, take them off our server and then put them into your own local mail folders on your computer. They are not left on WizMailer. With IMAP, your emails and mail folders are kept on our servers, so when you access your email account via IMAP, you'll be looking at your emails remotely.


The advantage with POP3 is that you don't have to be online to check your emails. Some businesses would also rather keep their data on their local computers, so POP3 is a better option. With IMAP, your emails are stored on our servers and therefore allow you to easily access your emails from any Internet connection worldwide. Your emails will also be backed up regularly and be stored on high-quality servers, making it reliable and efficient. The downside to IMAP is that you will need more diskspace with us (although 1GB will in most cases be ample) than with POP3 and you'll always need to be connected to the Internet to retreieve any of your emails.


Our webmail client is one of our slickest features. You'll find it very easy to use because we've based it around how email clients work. It's the perfect companion to keep up to date with all of your important communication data. Below are several screenshots of our webmail client.



Webmail Message List


One of the other useful features of our webmail client is AJAX technology. This essentially allows parts of a page to be refreshed without having to reload the whole page again. The result is a large increase in speed and when combined with a few other technologies, we can offer functionality like drag 'n drop and right click menus.


Drag 'n Drop Technology

Right Click Menus

Minimize spam and viruses

WizMailer's only business is email and that's important because it means we have the resources to put into fighting spam and viruses. Our spam settings are very customizable, with various options include:

  • Control what happens to spam of different likelihood. For example, delete anything automatically that is marked as "Very likely to be spam", but place anything that is "Hard to tell" in my spam folder.

  • Automatically delete virus infected emails.

  • Control your own blacklists and whitelists.

  • Use Verification Response where unknown senders are asked to verify that they are a real person.

  • Automatic whitelisting of people on your address books.

Example Anti-Spam Settings

Mobile Email

PDAE-mail on the go is important for keeping in touch and WizMailer has you covered in a variety of ways:

  • For those people with IMAP access on their phones, then checking your e-mail is very simple.

  • For those who support POP3, you can opt to leave a copy of e-mails on the server so that you can retrieve them from your normal working computer when you're back on it, but still see your e-mails when on your mobile.

  • If you only have been issued an e-mail address from your cell phone provider (such as with older Blackberry's), then you can create a mail rule in WizMailer to forward copies of new messages on to your mobile device.

  • WizMailer also supports the SyncML protocol ( and therefore can sync your calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and journal between your WizMailer account and mobile device. We also have sync software available for Blackberry users.

WizMailer finally has a mobile webmail interface. While this interface is still being developed, it can be useful for those who would prefer to use a browser from their phone.

Desktop Notification Client

Notification Client The WizMailer desktop notification client is the best way to receive alerts delivered to your desktop when new mail arrives in one of your folders. This utility not only alerts you of new email but also alerts for appointments, task events, and other alerts sent from users in your group or on your friends list.

During setup of this utility you can choose from one, a few, or all of your email folders in which you wish to be notified of new email. Additional features will be forthcoming.

Large Attachments

Up to 50MBs in attachment size (including any encryption).

Receive your existing e-mail

Most people these days have more than one email mailbox. With WizMailer, you can consolidate them all into one account. It's easy to setup too. Just enter the various details of the server that you are pulling from and we'll then check for new e-mails to those accounts and deliver them to your WizMailer mailbox. You can then reply to these e-mails as if you were sending from that email account by using our Web Identities utility.

We can also pull from some common email sources, including Hotmail, AOL, Earthlink, Mindspring, Juno and virtually any POP3 or IMAP server.


Saved Search Folders

WizMailer search folders enable you to create custom mail folders whose contents contain the results of a pre-configured search that is updated constantly.

In this example, there are three search folders. One shows all flagged mail, one shows all unread mail, and one shows all mail within the last week.


These folders make it easy to find mail that is important to you. Any IMAP enabled email client can view these search folders as they appear to be just another IMAP folder. This feature is unique to WizMailer because of our superior IMAP technology.




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