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Our Technology

Total Redundancy

Comprehensive Monitoring

Security (Physical and Data)

Systems Architecture



IMAP & POP3 Server

WizMailer is designed to scale, this is why when we designed our IMAP & POP3 servers we studied how the most popular email clients implement their IMAP & POP3 client protocols.

The results of this study found that many server operations can be optimized to provide the maximum speed to requesting email clients.  In addition the WizMailer IMAP & POP3 server are designed to bolt on additional remote datacenters around the country to deliver content closer to the customer resulting in improved speeds. 


Incoming SMTP (MX Record)

Did you know that over 99% of connections from remote sending servers to WizMailer and other networks is undeliverable email? These undeliverable messages present themselves in many forms from dictionary spamming to viruses, and bounce back attacks. Many mail server servers will accept an entire email message before deciding whether it is deliverable.

WizMailer stops incoming messages at the INGRESS or incoming to the network and rejecting the message as soon as they determine the deliverability. In addition WizMailer monitors good vs bad traffic from sending servers. This allows WizMailer to maintain a database of servers that sent very spam free email to servers that sent only spam, and everything in between. WizMailer utilizes this data in an algorithm to determine if blocking of a sending IP network is temporarily necessary. This allows WizMailer to maximize scalability and as a first layer of spam and virus defense.


Outgoing SMTP (Sent email from your email client)

Like all services at WizMailer, Outgoing SMTP is load balanced across a cluster of servers. This ensures that should any one device fail, traffic will be automatically re-routed to an online device.


Spam and Virus Protection

WizMailer runs a combination of inhouse and opensource/commercial software to help minimise spam and viruses. Overall, our customers have given very positive feedback on our filters.




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