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Total Redundancy Built-in


WizMailer's system has total redundancy built-in to all services, meaning that there is no single point of failure that could cause immediate downtime to a customer. Some highlights of our built-in redundancy include:

  • Redundancy in load balancers. As shown on our network diagram, we have two load balancers installed. However, each one of these load balancers has ample capacity of handling all of our traffic, even at the busiest times.

  • Redundancy in data. If anything happens to the server where your data primarily resides (such as a hardware failure), WizMailer will switch to a synced secondary copy, ensuring you experience no downtime.

  • Redundancy in connectivity. We don't just utilize two IP Transit providers, but 5, ensuring you'll always be able to reach our network at high speed. See our IP Transit diagram for more information.





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