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We support unlimited domains on your account. WizMailer can work with your domain via two methods:

  • Nameserver hosting: This is where you point your nameservers to our servers. Using this method, you'll be able to directly control your domain name record using our advanced domain management feature.

  • MX hosting: Your MX record controls only your email. Your current nameserver host should be able to direct your MX record to WizMailer, allowing only your email to point to our servers.


No matter how much email you receive or download, you will never be charged for excess bandwidth usage.



Aliases control what email will be directed into your mailbox. All mailboxes on WizMailer come with unlimited aliases, including catch-all and partial catch-all support.


Mail Rules

Mail rules are an important part of your WizMailer account, because they let you control how your email is handled. Using our mail rules over email client mail rule options (such as Outlook's mail rules) is advantageous because your rules will apply no matter how you access your email (e.g. Webmail, your standard email environment, at home, etc.)



Our forwarding feature allows you to easily send email on to other people within your WizMailer group, or on to an external account.



Our autoresponder feature lets you send an automatic response to an email receive to a certain email address, or to all emails arriving to your mailbox.




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